Purchasing/Tender & Service Contracts

Core Facility and Technology Platforms Managers are working with Cambridge Procurement Office on the procurement of equipment in the value of over 200 Mio GBP/year.

We can provide expertise in the process, and can provide templates and information.


What can Cambridge University Procurement Services do for you?

  • Provide advice and assistance to management and staff on purchasing matters which will enable departments to follow best practice; realise benefits and achieve value for money when procuring goods and servcies.
  • Provide guidance and information on contractual matters; terms and conditions, grant conditions of awarding bodies and EU/any relevant legislation.
  • Assist departments in reducing the total cost of the procurement process.
  • Supply and deliver Procurement training to staff, enabling them to have the skills appropriate for the financial level and strategic impact of their purchases.
  • Support users of the iProcurement module of the University’s Financial System.

And also:

  • Research key supply markets, assess the competitiveness of the various consortium agreements available to the University, and set up University-wide agreements as appropriate.
  • Disseminate to Departments information on agreements for use by the University, the suppliers, products and other news relating to purchasing.

Category Procurement

Date 28 March 2017

Methods: Multi-modal

Purchasing/Tender & Service Contracts

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