One key aim of the network is to provide education and training to increase the Cambridge-wide technology expert pool.
This will generate the next generation of engineers, technologists and innovators and a community of experts across schools and disciplines.

Conferences and talks for technology platform managers and core facility staff to showcase career opportunities.

Linking Cambridge-based platforms for increased visibility and maximized utilization and collaborative opportunities.

Existing technology networks in topics such as engineering and drug discovery.

There will be specific courses on facility and core management and leadership, scientific talks on technology development and industry-led meetings to show case novel developments.


Cambridge Light Microscopy Spring Course 2020

Tuesday 31st March - Thursday 2nd April 2020
We are looking to provide expertise and knowledge in new imaging techniques and an overview of what is available, as well as identifying multidisciplinary opportunities to facilitate scientific collaborations.

Cambridge Light Microscopy Spring Course 2018

Applications of In Situ Hybridisation in Research and Disease

two-day conference with a broad range of topics from leaders in the field including: Current Accepted Methods, Evolutionary Biology, Emerging Techniques, and Translational Research.

Flow Cytometry Course

The dates for the C-CAMP Basic Hands on Training in Flow Cytometry course for the year 2016 are as follows:
20th to 23rd December, 2016
4th November, 2016

Cambridge Imaging Clinic

free image analysis consulting services to all university members.
The clinic is held fortnightly during term time & monthly outside of term, Wednesdays 4:00-5:30.
The location alternates between CRUK Cambridge Institute (Li Ka Shing Centre, CB2 0RE), and Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS, Wilberforce Road, CB3 0WA)

Cambridge Image Analysis Clinic

The CMIH & partners host a regular imaging clinic, offering a free, walk in consultation service for imaging related projects. It aims to help and advise on aspects of imaging methodology, including image acquisition & analysis, via focused questions or broad queries in various imaging areas. (

Cambridge Statistics Clinic

free statistical consultation services free to all university members

Cambridge Statistics Clinic

Established in 2009, the Statistics Clinic aims to offer free statistical consulting services to all university members. Our clinic sessions happen fortnightly during the term and around once a month outside the term. See our timetable here.

Our team is based in the Statistical Laboratory at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.


NEUBIAS is a unique network of bioimage analysts in Europe, aiming at strengthening the bridge between life science, computer science and digital image processing by:


Bioimage analysis focuses on the quantitative measurement of biological systems by processing multidimensional image data.
Neubias Network members are listed under this page, and to become a member, please visit this page:

Flowcytometry Courses 2018

Courses in the UK - 2018

Flow Training course 18th-19th April 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
CYTO 2018 28th April-2nd May 2018 Prague, Czech Republic
Flow Training course 23rd-24th May 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Flow Training course 20th-21st September 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Flow Training course 9th-10th October 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Pharmaceutical Flow Cytometry & Imaging 2018 14th-15th Nov 2018 GSK, Stevenage


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