Our experts are

Cambridge-based scientists, technology platform managers, and developers of new and emerging technologies

Our experts work on imaging and image analysis, gene editing, flow cytometry, genomics, metabolomics, clinical trials, proteomics, nano-photonics..

  • They have long-term experience in providing technology teaching and training in Cambridge.
  • work within Cambridge University departments and research institutes.
  • are familiar with the Cambridge infrastructure.
  • are available for expert support on research grants, training courses.
  • are authorities on their particular areas of research and teaching.

The network is led by Stefanie Reichelt

Since 2005, Stefanie has established the light microscopy facility at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK CI). Stefanie manages a team of scientists and supervises PhD and Master students and teaches at Cambridge University, in scientific workshops and out-reach events (www.lightmicroscopy.cruk.cam.ac.uk). Before joining CRUK, she worked at the MRC-LMB with Brad Amos, one of the key developers of confocal microscopy.

CTPN team

  • Dr Giles S.H. Yeo (Director of Genomics/Transcriptomics, Metabolic Research Laboratories and MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit, Cambridge)
  • Dr. Kevin O’Holleran (Director, Cambridge Advanced imaging Centre (CAIC), Cambridge)
  • Prof Kathryn Lilley (Director, Cambridge Centre for Proteomics (CCP)
  • Dr. Ronan Daly (Institute for Manufacturing, Dept Engineering).
  • Dr. Martin J Graves (Dept Radiology, CUH)

CTPN Advisors

  • Dr. Ken Seamon, Prof. Richard Gilbertson (Cambridge Cancer Centre)
  • Prof. Chris Abell (Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research, Cambridge University)
  • Dr. Malcolm Lowe-Laurie (Cambridge University Health Partnership (CUHP)
  • Prof Jim Haseloff (Cambridge Synth Biology, CU)
  • Dr Kathryn Chapman (Executive Manager, Milner Therapeutics Institute)


  • has been provided from the Isaac Newton Trust via a small grants scheme that is managed on behalf of the PVC Research by the Research Strategy Office.


 Create a coordinated plan for Cambridge-wide scientific technologies infrastructure development
Connect scientific facilities around Cambridge that have capacity and can support technology services and development of technology for further research.
Provide expertise and knowledge in specific technologies for both internal and external researchers/developers from academia and industry
Provide education and training to generate a Cambridge-wide technology expert pool in emerging technologies
Help identify multidisciplinary opportunities for grant applications and business cases to enable scientific collaborations.
Provide a link to engineering companies for prototyping and new technology showcasing
Act as a point of contact for companies to develop and commercialize new technologies.
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