Super resolution microscopy

Optical imaging beyond the diffraction limit of light is revolutionizing sample analysis in the biological and physical sciences. A wealth of imaging techniques are available from commercial manufacturers, developers and inventors in Cambridge.

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A guide on super-resolution imaging techniques detailing the fundamental physics, the different approaches and the applications where super–resolution imaging can be of help, can be found in this special Focus Issue:

  • Stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED)
  • Photo activated localization microscopy (PALM)
  • Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)
  • Reversible saturable optical fluorescence transitions (RESOLFT)
  • Ground state depletion microscopy (GSD) / Ground state depletion microscopy followed by individual molecule return (GSDIM)
  • 4Pi microscopy

A summery of super-resolution techniques:


Category Biological Imaging, Microscopy

Date 24 February 2017

Technology Photo, microscopy, etc.

Super resolution microscopy

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